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axelrod allude to it. mr. woodhouse called romney a liar, and if we can roll a video of the obama campaign, insinuating that mitt romney was lying. was this anything you heard mitt romney lie about? >> he had the facts on his side and he came armed with them. again, anyone watching that debate would say, well, if he was lying why didn't the president point out what he was saying that was inaccurate? he didn't do it. mitt romney, again, has been very clear where he stands. this just shows this is a campaign that is grasping at straws and struggling because they know their candidate was embarrassed in front of the country. >> there are those, we have speculated every campaign does opposition republican, they try and time the release of videotape that has commitment saying 47 percent, blah, blah, blah. do they have another one these in their pockets? should we expect something? >> chicago politics? i would not be surprised if they release something. my advice when i work for candidates is, hire a private investigator on yourself before you run so you know what coming at you. i would be viced
and tonight on fox business network i am devoting four hours to it. here is where i tell you, mr. party pants millionaire, lay along. to that issue -- just kidding. to the issue of the economy and what you make of it, the argument against romney is that he makes a very powerful academic case for how lousy it is and how much better it could be but he lacks the passion to close that case, to close that deal. rick santorum who you backed early are said the same. that we would rue the day when he heard a general debate with president obama as a result. what do you think? >>guest: well, i don't think it is important that he closes the deal in terms of is the economy good or bad. the important thing is, neil, how do you contrast the investment acumen where mitt romney created the various staples and the companies versus president obama investing our taxpayer dollars in solyndra. that is a clear contrast and what we want did lock at rather than an assessment of the who today and it is more pent as to what it will be tomorrow. look the at contrast on energy policies. president obama considered all of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)